6 Weeks - 12 Months

Infants are rapidly growing, learning, and changing. Between the cooing and cuddling, we delight in your baby's every advancement and provide endless opportunities for development and discovery.

From rocking and thoughtful interaction, to story time and nap time, to singing and talking, Maria's Family Childcare Home staff will provide just what your baby needs, all in a safe, clean, healthy environment. Our program is the best in the area! Come and see yourself.

Mrs Maria's 

Family Daycare



Little Friends classroom is designed to nurture all the different ways that children can build their creativity and explore their curiosity.

Our unique blend of education and care meets emotional needs while promoting goods social skills and learning. In accordance with our curriculum, new concepts are introduced when your child is ready, not on a set timeline.


About TWO years olds, children begin to test their independence, influence and control. At this age, children are making huge strides, and our program provides lots of guidence along with the independence they crave.


Young Preschoolers transitioning from toodlers to preschool student. Chatting with friends increases verbal and social skills. Solving shape puzzles strenghens problem-solving skilss, while drawing and painting nurture creativity. Mrs. Maria works to foster self-steem during one-on-one journal time and in group activities. 


Toddlers are little busy bodies. At Mrs. Maria's childcare we balance individual attention with group activities and ensure that your toddler is using all that energy in productive ways. From trying all the playground equipment to experimenting with art, we give toddlers plenty of opportunities to investigate, explore and play in a safe, secure, yet stimulating environment.



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