We also use the comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum called “The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care, Third Edition. This curriculum promotes children's development and learning and addresses the unique challenges of home-based early childhood educators.

One of the curriculum utilized in our program is produced by Gee Whiz Education. This curriculum utilizes hands-on activities to address all developmental areas plus it includes activities for all age groups. Your child will have the opportunity to learn through exploration, practice problem-solving skills, develop language and much, much more as they participate in the activities included in the curriculum. Gee Whiz is truly a comprehensive curriculum that enables all children to learn, grow and develop!

 Our program uses Teaching Strategies© Gold to conduct the assessments on each child throughout the year.  Each child is screened in objectives for development and learning. The categories are as follows; Social emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, the arts, and English language acquisition. We use the ASQs (Ages and Stages Questionnaires) to evaluate children’s development for possible professional intervention.

The developmental continuum shows how each student is performing on each objective. It is teacher friendly and color coded by age level to help organize and understand not only the student’s current level, but also what to do to show growth.

Gee Whiz and Creative Curriculum are developmentaly appropriate, and incorporates technology by allowing teachers to upload documents, photos, videos, and gain professional development.

 Our curriculums take in to consideration the parent role through the Home Language Survey. All the forms and surveys for guardians are available in English and Spanish. Most importantly, the data is collected throughout four collection periods and there is a teacher parent conference to discuss the child’s individual progress at the end of each collection period or season.

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