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Enrollment Procedures


All children entering the Family Child Care Home are on a two-week transition period. This is to ensure proper adjustment for all (child, parent(s) and myself). During these two weeks, parents and provider have the choice to decide if they want to continue with the agreement.  The provider may terminate the contract without notice if the parent/guardian is over one week late with scheduled payments.

After the two-week transition period, we will meet to discuss any questions and finalize arrangements.



  1.  Coordinate a visit with Mrs. Maria to have a tour of our family childcare home.
  2. Pay a deposit after deciding that your child(ren) will attend the childcare to hold their spot.
  3.  Fill out an enrollment form for each child that will be attending the childcare.
  4. Mrs. Maria and the parents review the Parent – Provider Contract, and this must be brought on the first day the child begins at the childcare along with attached documentation.
  5. Read and sign the Parent Handbook and bring last page with the child’s first day. 
  6. Provide immunization and physical records with child's enrollment package  on their first day.
  7. Deposit and enrollment package prior or by the child’s first day of attendance is needed to participate in the program.


Transition Period

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