"My personal goal is to provide the best possible care and atmosphere that will encourage each child to succeed socially, physically, and cognitively; in doing so, this will help them to become emotionally strong and healthy individuals."

Mrs Maria's 

Family Daycare

"I truly believe that the first few years of a young child’s life has a tremendous impact on the shaping of their futures. I believe that children with high self-esteem are able to learn and adapt easier, giving them the courage to learn independence and comfortably acquire new skills. With this they can experience the joys that life provides.  I am fortunate enough to be in an industry that allows me to provide this and much more to the children under my care."





 I am a 'Member in Good Standing' of 'The Quality Family Child Care Providers Association' and have held the 'National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation' credential since 2010.  This childcare program has been awarded a 'Gold Seal Quality Care' certificate for consecutive years since then. 

About The Founder

In 1995 our family made the life changing decision to move to America, the land of dreams. We relocated directly to Miami where I was employed in a textile manufacturing corporation as a Production Manager/Textile Designer for 5 years. While employed there I never stopped looking for new chances to grow educationally and financially. Holding true along -side my career growth, my family was growing as well. In 1997 we were blessed with our second child, my son Ariel, who is now employed at Maria's Family Daycare, having inherited the passion for education.

In the year 2000, I was presented with the opportunity to work for a much larger company within the Textile Industry. This meant a chance to expand my horizons and earn more financially and educationally within an industry that had the highest need for my expertise.  We relocated to Massachusetts where I was employed with the corporation until 2005.

In 2005 we moved back to Florida, where I was finally able to pursue my most rewarding and desirable career. Together with the help of my husband Alberto, my mother, and my younger son Ariel we run the “Maria E. Carrillo Family Child Care Home” and are dedicated to the continuous education in early childhood.  We have been residing in the Tampa Bay area ever since.




After completing High School, I went on to pursue my college education and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Science University of Havana. In 1990 I got married to Alberto Carrillo, together we added to our dreams and goals. Then in 1991, we pursued one of life’s most amazing challenges together as we became parents to our first child.  Having our son made us realize how important it is for us to succeed and to continue to work towards our goals and dreams, so we could pass on that same passion to him.

My name is Maria Carrillo; I grew up in Havana, Cuba.  

 As a child (and even now) I always had a lot of goals and stayed ambitious about working towards a successful future, something I strive to encourage in every child.  My educational interests included teaching and designing, my hobbies were sports, specifically gymnastics. Throughout my younger years and early into adulthood I was lucky enough for some of my dreams to become reality.









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